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Benefits of learning music with die Rats

  1. Meet and have fun with other people interested in music
  2. Learn how to write down and share what you hear
  3. Develop your creative process and write better songs
  4. Hear how different instruments sound and work
  5. Explore music history and form using loads of different types of music
  6. Experience good practise and rehearsal technique
  7. Overcome stage fright if you have it.


  • No exams
  • Nobody gets overwhelmed, embarrassed or left behind in sessions.
  • If you don't play an instrument and want to, you'll learn your chosen instrument much, much quicker.
  • If you already play an instrument, your music skills will go through the roof.
  • It will help you if you are doing music at school, including the HSC.
  • We get you linked up with other people to start your own projects and play the music you love.
  • We try to make it as much fun as possible - plenty of games and running around.
  • We can help you plan a big end-of-year project.
  • If you are in a band, you'll gain more control over your recording and production process.

Who are die Ratsmusiker? We are the Town Musicians!

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Check out our About page

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